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Linux "Should Security Enhanced Linux be designated as the sole security framework for Linux? While most security specialists would agree on the high quality of SELinux, proponents are arguing this framework is the only one that should be needed for the open-source operating system kernel. In fact, it would eliminate the need for the Linux Security Module, an open platform for outsider developers to build their own security frameworks for Linux. And this idea has raised the ire of Linux keeper Linus Torvalds."
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If you decide to use /home/www (instead of /var/www) it does not work. And it's not a SeLinux issue, it's a security issue.

Why? I'd really like to see this "idea"

One's choice of paths should not be an issue if permissions are properly set. For all you know /var/www and /home/www could be mounted to a different drive from everything else. So it really should have no bearing on Security as to the path. Permssions, that's a different issue.

And "chmod -R 777 /" is not the best solution.

And use Microsoft's security model? Yes - that really would be incompetency in the admin doing that.

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