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Amiga & AROS AmigaOS 4.0 for classic Amigas will go on sale November 30th (yes, this year). From the news page: "On November 30 AmigaOS4 will ship for Classic Amigas. Hyperion Entertainment VOF made the announcement at the AmiWest banquet. The following will be included in the package: CD-ROM with AmigaOS4, one floppy disk to boot your Amiga (no pre-installed OS will be needed), and a manual."
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In my defense...
by bb_matt on Mon 22nd Oct 2007 18:13 UTC
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I've been using computers since 1981, my first being a ZX81. My mates had Vic20's and then Commodore64's, whilst I upgraded to the Spectrum.

It was great fun, learning to program basic etc.

But times have moved on and I've moved with them.

I'm now a web programmer and I enjoy it immensely.

As for Linux not having a decent desktop, where have you been?
It's come along in leaps and bounds and it's been a frustrating, fascinating and enjoyable ride.

To say that you can Tinker more with Amiga than Linux really does show an amazing lack of knowledge.

No, I'm not a Linux fanboi, or a Mac fanboi or a windows fanboi, I enjoy them all.

And I still can't see what the hype is about AmigaOS - the official website is so scant on detail, it's laughable. The link to the apps available is also laughable.

The term "flogging a dead horse" comes to mind...

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