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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu APCMag has a lenghty article on switching from Windows to Ubuntu. "When I was first given this task I had to sit and blink a few times, if for nothing else than dramatic pause. I'm a self-confessed Linux nut, as some of you may know, but even I'm cautious to do away with Windows completely. There's a reason I have a dual-boot Windows and Linux machine. Several of them, in fact. But have I just been conditioned into using Windows because of past experience, or applications, or file formats, or the myriad other reasons that make Windows a comfort zone because it's all so familiar?"
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Use 'um all
by bb_matt on Mon 22nd Oct 2007 18:24 UTC
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If you have the cash, use MacOS, Linux and Windows. They all have strengths and weaknesses.

I alternate between the three without any hastle at all, identifying the areas where each shines.

I see no point in doing a "complete replacement", it's counter-productive.

After all, choice is good...

I'll take a moment to defend Ubuntu here, based on that article. It can be summed up very easily...

Most people have windows pre-installed on thier PC, if you ask them to re-install from scratch and get all thier devices working - including cameras, scanners, bluetooth etc. the vast majority of people will fail at the task.

Where Ubuntu shines here, is the live CD, enabling Joe Average ("I just want it to work") to at least try, risk free, the Linux experience. Of course, installing it without hosing thier data is another matter ;)

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