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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu APCMag has a lenghty article on switching from Windows to Ubuntu. "When I was first given this task I had to sit and blink a few times, if for nothing else than dramatic pause. I'm a self-confessed Linux nut, as some of you may know, but even I'm cautious to do away with Windows completely. There's a reason I have a dual-boot Windows and Linux machine. Several of them, in fact. But have I just been conditioned into using Windows because of past experience, or applications, or file formats, or the myriad other reasons that make Windows a comfort zone because it's all so familiar?"
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by dsuse on Tue 23rd Oct 2007 04:54 UTC
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I thing the article was perhaps too lengthy, uninformed, and dated.

Could have been summarized as follows:

1) put Linux cd/dvd of your choice in drive.
2) restart computer.
3) Answer a couple of simple questions.
4) to the prompt of "Alert: do you want to purge the evil mishmash of insecure Microsoft contamination completely from this hard drive for ever?" answer: YES. (...I may have embellished this somewhat).
5) Wait a bit (threatening machine with a crucifix or other religious icon while chanting "STALL-MAN, TORVALDS! By these names I Cast ye out, foul ballmer-gates and all of ye minions!" is optional in this least try to do this quietly if any clients are watching).
6) Reboot and enjoy your new computer.

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