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Java Sun's starting to phase out mobile Java that's been the standard on cellphones and other small devices in favor of their standard edition, which are made for PCs everywhere. Sun VP James Gosling's reasoning for shifting everyone over to Java Standard Edition is because 'cellphones and TV set-top boxes are growing up', meaning they're getting enough processing power to handle all the demands of full-featured Java.
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RE: argh
by sanctus on Tue 23rd Oct 2007 13:16 UTC in reply to "argh"
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when I switch back from Ubuntu to OSX this weekend, I tried to find a equivalent to the IDE a was using with gnome.

My requirement are code completion, macros, regex, color syntax

I tried all the python/wxpython ide/text editor I know. (spe, drpython, edittra, PyPE, ulipad). wxpython is a hell slow on OSX, plus it has many interface glitch. Code completion took eternity to show up choices, far more than to write it. Simple scrolling of text use up to 80% cpu.

I finally stop and fully use eclipse which was the lightest and fastest of all IDE I've tried (Xcode don't have python code completion). Except the ugly* interface, it is as fast and responsive as a native OSX application.

*why they promote native look and of SWT and choose custom made tab of disputable taste?

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