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FreeBSD FeeBSD 7.0-beta1 has been released, with 6.3-beta1 on its way. "We have entered the final phases of the FreeBSD-7.0 Release cycle which also means the beginning of the FreeBSD-6.3 Release cycle. Because the people who support the ports for FreeBSD also need to go through a freeze cycle as part of releases we had decided to combine the two releases to try and minimize the impact on the ports maintainers."
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RE: nvidia on amd64?
by gilboa on Wed 24th Oct 2007 10:11 UTC in reply to "nvidia on amd64?"
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Far, far away [1], [2].
nVidia hides behind the "missing features" argument while the BSD people (understandably) do not rush to implement the missing features.

Hopefully AMD will release all the 3D specs ASAP, helping the team to release a good 3D capable OSS driver - forcing, nVidia to rethink their driver policy.
As it stands, I don't see them modify their driver frame work to support 64bit BSD, Xen (under both Linux and Solaris) and other non-standard OS combinations.

- Gilboa

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