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Multimedia, AV Helios Labs sent us in their H4000 Upscaling DVD/DivX player for an introduction. While at OSNews we are mostly focused on system software, it is interesting to check out such devices from time to time, because of their added video features over the stock products usually found in the market.
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Region Coding
by SpasmaticSeacow on Wed 24th Oct 2007 12:53 UTC
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By WIPO rules, region coding would not be an enforcable portion of a contract with regard to playback devices. WIPO countries are prohibitted from enforcing laws or contract terms which might restrict access to works on the basis of geographical region. In some WIPO signatory countries, region coding is more explicitly a prohibitted anti-competitive practice.

When Region Coding does exist, it's generally their as a concession to the media industry to foster good relations and cooperation in other parts of the business.

North America (region 1) is the only region where honoring region codes on media is still commonplace.

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