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Mac OS X At the last minute, Apple has changed the appearance of the Dock in Mac OS X Leopard when it is placed on the sides of the screen. If so, the dock will lose its much-criticised 3D appearance in favour of a more traditional 2D look. When placed at the bottom, the dock does retain its 3D appearance; however, a smart hacker has already found out that via a single command in the terminal, you can give the bottom dock the same 2D appearance. In other words, everybody who criticised the new dock (including yours truly): rejoice!
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RE: Not the same as Tiger's Dock
by Anim8me2 on Wed 24th Oct 2007 17:10 UTC in reply to "Not the same as Tiger's Dock"
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Actually I find them to be just the opposite. the lights are very easy to tune out.

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