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Java Sun's starting to phase out mobile Java that's been the standard on cellphones and other small devices in favor of their standard edition, which are made for PCs everywhere. Sun VP James Gosling's reasoning for shifting everyone over to Java Standard Edition is because 'cellphones and TV set-top boxes are growing up', meaning they're getting enough processing power to handle all the demands of full-featured Java.
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RE: This is retarded
by bariole on Thu 25th Oct 2007 08:54 UTC in reply to "This is retarded"
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C++? Like yeah..

I will us is as soon as it gets:
1) compilers decent enough to generate code of same behavior on all those target platforms
2) libraries and frameworks which are at least comparable to java in their scope, support and documentation
3) an IDE comparable to RSA
4) get rids of i-can-too-write-a-meaningful-pointers-and-a-twisted-templates mentality

It's not that Java is gift from God or something in that vein, but it is the fastest portable, well supported language..

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