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Opera Software The first Beta of Opera 9.5 has been released. "Opera 9.5 adds Full Text History Search allowing you to access find pages you forgot to bookmark by simply typing just a few words into your toolbar! Opera also gives you the ability to Create Search shortcuts from any search field on the Web; and to Synchronize your Bookmarks, Speed Dial with any other Mac or PC computer, your cell phone, or the Opera-powered Nintendo Wii Internet Channel through My Opera."
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RE: LOVE Opera
by Joe User on Thu 25th Oct 2007 21:53 UTC in reply to "LOVE Opera"
Joe User
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Firefox is more customizable, but Opera is still more customisable than many people think. What I love about Opera is that it has many features out of the box and they aren't bloat at all. These are the features that cause Opera to be my default browser:
- The wand (No, Firefox doesn't have the same feature)
- Very fast
- Lightweight
- Mouse gestures
- BitTorrent support
- Usenet support
- E-Mail client
- Integration of everything (browser, mail client, feeds...)
- IRC client
- Notes
- A few neat widgets such as the analog clock
- Etc, etc, etc...

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