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Mac OS X "What's new in Leopard? A lot. From the unified interface (goodbye, brushed aluminum) to major under-the-hood changes, to wholly new apps, Leopard is a substantial, albeit evolutionary, advance for Mac OS X that builds on a solid foundation and adds a modicum of eye candy to reinforce the notion that this is something new and improved. It's also fast - especially impressive given the new graphics sprinkled throughout the OS."
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Because Windows Vista is a much bigger release than any of the OS X .x releases.

When I take a look at Leopard changes under the hood (kernel, UNIX certification, dtrace, sandbox, obj-c 2.0, new TCP IP stack, scripting bridges, etc...) I am sorry but your statement *is* wrong.

The kernel changed possibly more in Leopard than in Vista which is based on the windows 2003 server.

Sure I change your words, but just to enlight that between 2 authors on OSnews, there will be very different point of view.

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