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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y "Experts say that migrations from Unix to Linux have slowed down because all the low-hanging fruit has now been picked. Linux growth in the U.S. x86 server market has, over the past six quarters, started to falter and reverse its positive course relative to Windows Server and the market as a whole." More here.
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RE: Nice piece of commercial cr*p
by baadger on Fri 26th Oct 2007 12:01 UTC in reply to "Nice piece of commercial cr*p"
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If I look to previous announcements from Dell their Linux sales grow increased more then there windows sales (percent wise). Same to Novell and Redhat their increased sales.

You second sentence here is irrelevant. Neither Redhat or Novell sell Microsoft Windows based products so increased sales here doesn't tell you anything about server market share.

Also, Dell's Linux sales may be selling at a rate out pacing the increase in Windows machine sales but why would this be surprising? They've only been selling Linux for a shot time, and Vista for almost a year now.

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