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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y "Experts say that migrations from Unix to Linux have slowed down because all the low-hanging fruit has now been picked. Linux growth in the U.S. x86 server market has, over the past six quarters, started to falter and reverse its positive course relative to Windows Server and the market as a whole." More here.
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In the past four years, Novell has done the following:

-Ported NCP to linux
-Ported NSS to linux

So what? Porting stuff to Linux doesn't amount to getting anything done to arrest the haemorrhaging of Netware customers. It isn't magically going to make things happen and move them forwards.

-Ported eDirectory to linux(cross platform enabled to span over NetWare, Linux, and Windows)

Why is it cross-platform with Windows? I thought Novell were selling me something that was better? You see, this is where Novell fails. Would people like to have choice and see Exchange run on Linux? Yes. Is it going to happen? No. Microsoft doesn't compromise on this stuff, which is how they pull sales of Outlook, Exchange and Windows servers along.

-Ported GroupWise to linux(cross platform enabled to span over NetWare, Linux, and Windows)

See above. Groupwise is dead Novell. Do yourself a favour and start using Kolab or OpenGroupware or something like that so people actually know about what it is that you use.

-Built the next generation Zen platform on linux

Quite frankly, I have not been impressed with Zenworks. As far as I can tell, much of what Novell have been doing is writing stuff in .Net and then assuming it can just be ported to Linux using Mono. I don't call that making Linux a first-class citizen.

Most OpenSuse users' experience of Zenworks and Novell's enterprise tools has been less than perfect, shall we say, just so others know what I might be talking about.

-Ported NDPS/iPrint to linux

Yay! At best I can do everything I did before.

-Rebuilt part(server.exe) of NetWare to be virtual machine aware.

Wow. There's no pretty, easy to use management tools, nothing unifying them together, nothing built first on Linux and no one in the open source community can contribute or test any of this stuff, or even know about it. Ergo, Novell is out of the loop in the wider open source world.

-Ported DNS/DHCP directory integrated services to linux.

We already have them ;-).

None of this stuff is unified, and in particular, none of this stuff is unified with what is happening in the Linux and open source world since, Novell doesn't get open source. No one using your average Linux distribution is aware of any of this stuff, let alone using it.

Besides, don't just listen to me. Look at Novell's revenue and bottom line. It isn't working.

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