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Mac OS X Today, Apple is unleashing Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard onto the world. It's already available to people in Australia and New Zealand (you liking it, Kaiwai?), and Europe and the US will follow later today. There's an article on what's new for Ruby developers, while others want to figure out what Leopard means to the 'enterprise' (I love those silly business terms). Update by AS: My copy of Leopard was slated for a 10AM delivery, but didn't arrive. I called FedEx and a CSR told me that an internal memo was just released; Apple has apparently waved the shipping deadline for all packages today and requested delivery be rescheduled at the end of the business day. Update 2 by AS: Ok, we've received our copy. How about you other US'ers?
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Why should anyone be happy
by Damind on Fri 26th Oct 2007 14:44 UTC
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Why should anyone be happy about this? It is mostly a closed sourced OS and can only run on apple hardware. I really do not get most of you people, you bash MS so much about how closed sourced and controlling they are but none of you same that about apple which is even more controlling than MS. Why isn't the iPOD open and is able to work seamlessly on Linux as it does on Windows and MAC? Come on, even if they do not want to do it they could have made it possible for other programmers to do this, but they have not done that. I will not buy anything that is locking me in and that is what apple is doing. No please do not get me wrong they make really beautiful products but we need to stick to our principles and not get could up by the eye candy of things and lose our way.

Stop giving these companies so much power, just because they make a good looking product. The products should meet your values.

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