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Microsoft Strong sales of new and old products alike led Microsoft to its fastest first-quarter growth in eight years, with the company reporting growth in all five business segments and both revenue and earnings per share that beat analyst expectations. Revenue for the fiscal quarter ended Sept. 30 was up 27 percent at USD 13.76 billion compared to USD 10.81 billion a year ago, Microsoft said Thursday. Consensus estimates from Thomson First Call analysts were for the company to generate revenue of USD 12.57 billion. Microsoft's EPS for the quarter was USD 0.45, which also soundly beat Thomson First Call consensus estimate of USD 0.39. Net income for the quarter was USD 4.29 billion, a 23 percent increase over the USD 3.48 billion reported a year ago. At USD 5.92 billion, operating income for the quarter also had double-digit percentage growth: an increase of more than 25 percent over operating income reported for the same period last year of USD 4.47 billion.
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RE: Suck it up...
by iarann on Fri 26th Oct 2007 15:54 UTC in reply to "Suck it up..."
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The open source zealots will come out in force claiming those numbers can't be correct...they're published by they must be all lies.

While I am sure there will be plenty of people unhappy with this announcement, I think this kind of comment is more appropriate for someplace like slashdot or digg. Don't take the voting down as an anti-Microsoft sentiment, I own a number of shares in Microsoft and this announcement just made me a decent chunk of change on the stock market and I'm one of the few people that really likes Vista. I just like the idea of OSNews being slightly less full of these kind of comments then the rest.

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