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BeOS & Derivatives Gobe Productive v2.0.1 now works in Haiku. "I've played with GoBE Productive for half an hour now, and it seems remarkedly stable. Gobe Productive is a unique piece of software, and one of the darlings of BeOS software. This will surely fill a much needed gap in the office suite department, despite the software's age! It's also testament to the vision of enabling backwards compatibility to BeOS application, and how good Haiku is at it."
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RE: good
by Haicube on Fri 26th Oct 2007 18:37 UTC in reply to "good"
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Not sure what you mean with "And I found gobe's much trumpeted "features" quite ordinary and already much superseded by competing office software. It was almost a rip-off for me."

With respect to that, did you notice how slim, fast and extremely well integrated GoBe productive is/was? I've used MSO since 2.0 to 2k7 and OOo since 1.0 to 2.24 and Koffice and plenty more GoBe as well. None can compete with GoBe in terms of speed and especially the incredible "project like" structure of document handling.

Seriously, taking a spreadsheet from Excel/scalc into the Word processor it simply isn't remotely as smooth as it was in GoBe.

Sure, it lacked a whole bunch of features, I agree it did, but the potential.... the potential was amazing!

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