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BeOS & Derivatives Gobe Productive v2.0.1 now works in Haiku. "I've played with GoBE Productive for half an hour now, and it seems remarkedly stable. Gobe Productive is a unique piece of software, and one of the darlings of BeOS software. This will surely fill a much needed gap in the office suite department, despite the software's age! It's also testament to the vision of enabling backwards compatibility to BeOS application, and how good Haiku is at it."
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RE:GobeProductive in Haiku...
by ModeenF on Sun 28th Oct 2007 21:17 UTC
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looks like it's handling of a Atari partion (like make, read, write), don't really know but then it's up to him.

Not every one can make those changes that need to be done until alpha release are ready.

Haiku can be built with gcc4.x from linux, think there are a howto on

To run BeOS apps on Haiku, Haiku must be built with gcc 2.95.x

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