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Mac OS X "OS X 10.5 Leopard is the best operating system released by Apple so far and runs neck and neck with Ubuntu's Gutsy Gibbon as my favorite operating systems to use. In the past I wanted to get an iMac, but not because of OS X but rather because of their sleek hardware. Now after using Leopard, I want to buy an iMac to run Leopard. Nice job Apple." More here.
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Your question is not rude at all. I enjoy working with older apps to name a few: Acta, More, Clockwork, WordPerfect, my Epson printer, FullWrite, Loki, Netscape 4.8 (for sentimental reasons and boy is it fast) and Outlook Express (prefer it to Mail). Remember, just because an OS is newer does not mean it is better [in all areas]. Heck, I still use a 22" Diamond Pro CRT monitor because it is vastly superior to newer LCDs.

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