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Mac OS X "OS X 10.5 Leopard is the best operating system released by Apple so far and runs neck and neck with Ubuntu's Gutsy Gibbon as my favorite operating systems to use. In the past I wanted to get an iMac, but not because of OS X but rather because of their sleek hardware. Now after using Leopard, I want to buy an iMac to run Leopard. Nice job Apple." More here.
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As for the rest, time to move on; there are replacements out there. Pages is a great alternative to Word, but then again, Office 2008 might prove my 'Microsoft scepticism' wrong. The issues you're having sound more like personal preference rather than hardcore reliance on something because there are no alternatives in that given area.

I can't agree with your "Time to move on" philosophy. If something works for me in Tiger and Leopard takes that away while adding virtually nothing then why "move on. " I don't see any compelling reason to downgrade to Leopard. As for Pages, I tried it during the trial it was OK but why spend $$ when what I have already works. As for MS Office, I will never buy it as I loathe it and NeoOffice renders it irrelevant.

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