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Linux "I recently read this article about how the Linux device driver project needs more work to do. I pondered this for awhile, and came to a realization. While Linux still does indeed lack drivers for some hardware, I believe that the lack of drivers is no longer the largest technological obstacle to Linux adoption. The thing Linux needs to focus mostly on now is completeness, not quantity, of hardware support." Read on.
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RE[6]: Vista needs drivers
by Odisej on Mon 29th Oct 2007 09:39 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: Vista needs drivers"
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Well, not really. Just for your information: using Soundblaster Live! Platinum (the original version) and NO driver support. Although Creative promised a lot when they launched the device X years ago. No drivers either by MS or Creative (at least it was so when I tried to install Vista half a year ago). The only drivers available are "community" drivers and I don't want to install them. My Logitech Quickcam had no usable driver for some time after Vista release (if I am informed correctly, they did release it after some time and it should be working now). I also used Netgear Wireless PCI card. No support at the time. Have no idea whether they fixed this. Anyway, these are or no-name and exotic devices. They just decided not to support some of them and I decided I will not support them either.

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