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Linux "I recently read this article about how the Linux device driver project needs more work to do. I pondered this for awhile, and came to a realization. While Linux still does indeed lack drivers for some hardware, I believe that the lack of drivers is no longer the largest technological obstacle to Linux adoption. The thing Linux needs to focus mostly on now is completeness, not quantity, of hardware support." Read on.
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RE[4]: Vista needs drivers
by WarpKat on Mon 29th Oct 2007 15:50 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Vista needs drivers"
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I think it's more applicable to state the following:

Linux supports a wide variety of hardware, and supports it well.

The more 'mainstream' hardware is what it has a hard time dealing with - such as full support for WiFi adapters, a multitude of web cameras, soft-printers/scanners/multi-function hardware.

Seriously - who uses EISA or VLB anymore? Linux driver development needs to get more mainstream if it's going to survive with new hardware that doesn't exist yet.

For crying out loud, my USB Missile Launcher NEEDS TO WORK FROM MY CUBICLE!

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