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FreeBSD "FreeBSD 7.0 will be the next release of FreeBSD, and is the first major release in 2 years. It's due out some time later this year (currently in pre-release and available for testing). FreeBSD 7.0 brings major changes to the BSD and open source operating system landscape." This document [.pdf] describes all the changes.
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by JamesTRexx on Mon 29th Oct 2007 21:40 UTC in reply to "BSD"
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The long wait never bothered me because I usually start it just before going to sleep or leaving for work. When I wake up or get back (sometimes the same thing) long compiles like X or KDE are finished, and this on a P3 1.13GHz laptop without a nice fast disk.

Even compiling FreeBSD world and kernel isn't too bad. I just hope I can get 7 to compile, doing it on this laptop that had 6 on it didn't work (installed 7 on new / slice and kept the old /usr slice).
So now I'm copying my home and data directories to another server and wil go for a complete clean install.

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