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Graphics, User Interfaces This is the second article in a series on common usability and graphical user interface related terms [part I]. On the internet, and especially in forum discussions like we all have here on OSNews, it is almost certain that in any given discussion, someone will most likely bring up usability and GUI related terms - things like spatial memory, widgets, consistency, Fitts' Law, and more. The aim of this series is to explain these terms, learn something about their origins, and finally rate their importance in the field of usability and (graphical) user interface design. In part II today, we focus on the pictogramme, popularly known as the icon.
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RE: Ergonomics...
by sorpigal on Tue 30th Oct 2007 04:35 UTC in reply to "Ergonomics..."
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I would tend to agree about horizontal vs. vertical space.

I've been using a bar along the right hand side of the screen (64px wide) as my launcher/status location for about seven years now and I find I really can't stand anything else. It would be better on the left, or better yet if I could tell most applications to put their scrollbar on the left. Usability 'experts' strike again and deny me this... sigh.

With regards to 3D effects and such it seems to me that no one seriously uses them. They are toys for the nontechnical designed to make the computer seem interesting. I'm all for visual cues, but at some point it stops being useful. When it stops being a cue and starts being something to look at you've crossed the line.

That said, I *do* like to turn on animated backgrounds and snow and such from time to time. It's fun. And then I turn it off and go back to work.

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