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FreeBSD "FreeBSD 7.0 will be the next release of FreeBSD, and is the first major release in 2 years. It's due out some time later this year (currently in pre-release and available for testing). FreeBSD 7.0 brings major changes to the BSD and open source operating system landscape." This document [.pdf] describes all the changes.
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by pllb on Tue 30th Oct 2007 19:17 UTC
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Ubuntu is debian with sane defaults and polish. The 2 things most other linux distros just can't get right (most important are the sane defaults).

Isn't it obvious by now? Debian users like myself don't want Ubuntus defaults, "polish" and what you call "sane" behavior.We're perfectly happy configuring stuff by hand =) Different projects, different goals my friend.

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