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Hardware, Embedded Systems Intel, AMD, IBM and all other chipmakers are doomed. In any case, that's the case if you were to believe the claims made by the Atom Chip Corporation, "which maintains it will show off a 2TB diskless notebook based on a 6.8GHz 'quantum-optical' microprocessor at next January's Consumer Electronics Show." Pictures of the notebook and various parts are available. Whether these claims hold truth is of course under debate, "but Gendlin (creator) has his patent - and more pending, apparently - and so we look forward to seeing Atom Chip's kit in the flesh at CES."
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Here's another aspect
by whartung on Wed 7th Sep 2005 18:59 UTC
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Let's say that it's all top drawer hunky dory guy with a fab in his basement.

He's been scheming on this thing (when he's not putting time on cold fusion or zero point energy) for years and finally had his breakthrough.

Why in the WORLD would you sell this thing as a consumer laptop? Of all the cutthroat low margin markets, consumer laptops are a lousy place to introduce new tech.

Rather, he should be selling rights to IBM, or some other large firm, selling large processing machines to the NSA, etc. Large organizations where CPU horsepower is constantly being exhausted WILL PAY a LARGE premium for extra horsepower. That's where the money is, particularly for a small manufacturer.

Not comsumer grade laptops.

Geez..for a supra-genius, guy seems to be off a bit.

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