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Intel Intel announced today its line of Itanium products for high-end computing servers. Codename Montvale, the chip is an update to Montecito, the Dual-Core Itanium 2 chip which was launched in July last year, Eddie Toh, regional platform marketing manager of Server Platforms Group for Asia-Pacific at Intel, told ZDNet Asia in an interview on Monday.
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I can't believe it...
by kloty on Wed 31st Oct 2007 22:34 UTC
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The latest greatest Intanium is manufactured in 90nm technology?! Xeons will be manufactured in 45nm pretty soon! There is no frequency upgrade except for the frontbus and the next version will appear sometimes next year. Sorry to say, but this is so lame, just compare it to the developments on POWER front. Shame on you Intel, so many great processor architectures have been buried because of all the promises Intel and HP made with Itanium and now we see, what came out.

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