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Features, Office A group formed five years ago to promote the OpenDocument Format has abandoned ODF and will favor one developed by the World Wide Web Consortium known as the 'Compound Document Format', or CDF. The OpenDocument Foundation's format failed to meet market requirements, the group said.
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RE[2]: Just wait a sec
by Geoff Gigg on Thu 1st Nov 2007 12:39 UTC in reply to "RE: Just wait a sec"
Geoff Gigg
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Look at what they say their criteria is:

"For the past five years we have been hell bent on a quest for a universal file format. We define this elusive quest as an open, un encumbered, universally interoperable structured format compliant with W3C Internet Technologies, completely application, platform and vendor independent, with a trusted governance model that is open Internet - open source community friendly and internationally recognized."

If that's true--and I've heard no one say it isn't--that's admirable, noteworthy and good.

Maybe, but it's a completely different goal from that of a standard, which is what ODF attempts to be.

"Universally interoperable" means you seek compatibility with all sorts of formats, which greatly increases needless complexity. By contrast, ODF seeks to be universally supported by given open source and proprietary developers a single, open, rational target to shoot for. Seems like a better goal to me.

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