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Sun Solaris, OpenSolaris The first milestone of Project Indiana (part of the community) is now available - called "OpenSolaris Developer Preview." The OpenSolaris Developer Preview is the first milestone of Project Indiana. It is a single CD combined live/install image: a core operating system, kernel, system libraries, a desktop environment and a package management system. It is not a final release and is intended for developers to try, test, and provide feedback. Get your copy now.
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Indiana / Linux dual boot - JACK support
by danboid on Thu 1st Nov 2007 21:53 UTC
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This is the best OS news piece since ATI opened their specs! Haiku release next eh? ;)

I'm hoping Sun get really serious about the desktop and end up providing real serious competition for Ubuntu and OSX. Vis-wha? ;)

I think I remember reading that you can dual-boot OpenSolaris and Linux without any trouble- how well does Indiana handle this? If I already have Linux installed on a different partition on the same machine does caiman detect this and add my Linux distro to its boot menu?

I wouldn't be able to dump Linux until I can run JACK under Solaris, but there is no ALSA for Solaris and no plans to implement it yet either as far as I'm aware.

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