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Mac OS X "A new trojan horse designed specifically for Mac OS X systems has been discovered on several pornography websites that can hijack Web traffic, according to security firm Intego. Affected systems are used to hijack some Web requests that lead users to other phishing sites, or simply display ads for other pornographic websites to generate ad revenue. Phishing attacks may lead users to believe they are surfing to eBay, Paypal, or various banks when in fact they are accessing specially-crafted mockups designed to retrieve usernames and passwords for those sites. The trojan, titled OSX.RSPlug.A, is rated as a critical risk by Intego, and is known to affect Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger as well as Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard. Intego is testing prior versions of Mac OS X, but believes them to be vulnerable as well."
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RE: Intego
by jtrapp on Fri 2nd Nov 2007 01:11 UTC in reply to "Intego"
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Their own software does not work with Leopard. Hello Intego! How about fixing the damned software I purchased so it works with Leopard? You have had long enough!

They didn't get the final bits until you did. Less than a week is long enough? Go take it up with Apple...

And that tripe got modded up? WTF?

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