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Red Hat "Colin Walters of Red Hat chaired a FOSSCamp session about Hotwire, a unique and innovative graphical shell environment designed to improve the command-line user experience. I've been testing Hotwire releases for some time now, so the opportunity to see Walters present his invention in person seemed too good to pass up."
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RE[2]: Not revolutionary :)
by mgajda on Fri 2nd Nov 2007 19:12 UTC in reply to "RE: Not revolutionary :)"
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Actually not.
Just look at the past glory of XMLterm of Mozilla foundation.

They wanted full power of XHTML for a command line,
and provided much of the similar functionality through output of structured markup.

Both inputs and results had an option to be both structured markup and text. In this way it was more open-ended approach (you can exchange documents without insecurities of a code transfer, and you can't do it with meaningful objects).

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