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Red Hat "Colin Walters of Red Hat chaired a FOSSCamp session about Hotwire, a unique and innovative graphical shell environment designed to improve the command-line user experience. I've been testing Hotwire releases for some time now, so the opportunity to see Walters present his invention in person seemed too good to pass up."
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Remote support...
by mgajda on Fri 2nd Nov 2007 19:22 UTC
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Great thing!

I would switch, if only Colin provided remote support.
Most people use shell on the remote computer. I need to:
1. Use shell over SSH to remote computer, on which I may not even have X11 libraries to start hotwire with.
2. Detach a shell session from my local computer, when I'm on the move, or expect that a job will last few days. ("Screen" does it very well.)

Of course GnomeVFS already supports remote browsing for 1., so it is just a matter of support. The 2nd thing may be much harder though.

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