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Windows A Community Technology Preview of Microsoft's PowerShell has been announced. PowerShell is a re-imagining of the command line interface in a fully object oriented environment. Run libraries like executables, cryptographically sign your scripts, extend your functions through full .NET integration.
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RE[2]: Speed
by Spellcheck on Sat 3rd Nov 2007 05:29 UTC in reply to "RE: Speed"
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I can't find a directory, among my pretty big ones, where there is any perceivable delay at all from hitting enter and the output scrolling past. This is probably because (a) "dir" on Windows' cmd.exe is a built-in command, so it doesn't have to search the path for it or do any of that executable overhead; and (b) I was going to say it displays as it reads from disk, but it's not noticeably slower where I'm testing with /ON (which indicates sorting by name), so I guess it's mostly the overhead thing.

Cygwin ls on the same machine under the same conditions can vary wildly in speed, probably because of executable caching; but if you don't sneak up on it, and don't ask for full file attributes, it appears to be just as fast (from either cmd.exe or, for example, zsh in puttycyg)

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