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OSNews, Generic OSes "Bill Buzbee offered the first public demonstration of the Minix OS - a cousin of Linux [I beg your pardon?] - running on his homebrew minicomputer, today at the Vintage Computer Festival in Mountain View, Calif. Magic-1, built with 74-series TTL ICs using wire-wrap construction, implements a homebrew, 8086-like ISA."
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Hard path
by Treza on Mon 5th Nov 2007 11:49 UTC
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Early hand crafted computers were done with LSI gates and wire wrapping, today, the easy path for hobby CPU design is using FPGAs.

He deliberately chose the hard path, like climbing a mountain ( which is enjoyable ) instead of using a tunnel.

One could also do funny things with FPGA CPUs, a Lisp machine project would be great as well.

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