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OS/2 and eComStation Serenity Systems announced the immediate availability of eComStation 2.0 RC3, The Warpstock Europe 2007 release. This release is available to customers with an active Software Subscriptions Services subcription. It adds a few new features and contains a lot of updated drivers and fixes.
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Bob St. John answered this on USENET.
by rcsteiner on Mon 5th Nov 2007 20:54 UTC
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Regardless of who owns or does not own Windows 3.1, the fact remains that SSI (makers of eComStation) does not have to pay any royalties for it at this point in time.

See this posting in comp.os.os2.advocacy:

dated May 23 2001:

"This royalty thing is taking on a life of its own ... and getting muddled in the
process. David Frank made his point that SS/IBM pays and MS royalty of $25 for
each copy of eCS because of the WinOS2 .. which he called the only useful
feature of OS/2.

Steven tried to clear this up with a bunch of other stuff about other royalties.
That didn't really help. The MS - IBM agreement allowed the Win3.1 royalties to
expire because neither company felt the would have much value as the Win32 OSs
came out. That's all.

IBM still pays royalties for HPFS386 .. which is why that product is an option
for WSeb and not in the base product. Sweeping statement about these agreements
have to be incorrect because there are multiple agreements with differing
products, terms, and conditions.

eCS pays no MS royalties .. unless we go the route of offering HPFS386 as an
optional feature. This is not to say there is not MS code in there .. there is
MS code in OS/2. And not just IBM and MS. There is code from other companies and
individuals. Some of which no longer exist .. which is one of the show stoppers
about letting OS/2 become open sourced. Even if the MS - IBM stuff were resolved
.. and both companies endorse open source of OS/2 .. the lawyers would still
stop it until the code of all parties was addressed.

What I really don't understand is .. so what? Who really cares? I'm glad I don't
have to pay those royalties because that would be an expense I would have to
pass along. Now ... I don't.

Bob St.John
Serenity Systems"

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