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Hardware, Embedded Systems There's absolutely no reason you should be waiting the three-plus minutes it takes your computer to boot up Windows, says Woody Hobbs, CEO of Phoenix Technologies. And indeed, if Hobbs has his way, you may not have to endure those waits much longer. Phoenix says its new technology, HyperSpace, will offer mobile PC users the ability to instantly fire up their most used apps - things like e-mail, web browsers and various media players - without using Windows, simply by pressing the F4 button.
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RE[5]: The point?
by rayiner on Tue 6th Nov 2007 03:22 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: The point?"
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Do you honestly expect that Linux would fare any better if average users used it, where "average users" are the ones just as likely to install all that excess crap that they do?

Yes, I do. Linux software doesn't do all the nasty stuff Windows software does, so installing stuff randomly won't screw things up. Moreover, the platform itself is more secure (no ActiveX or silly things like that), so all the virus scanners and whatnot that slow down Windows machines are unnecessary.

Macs are largely the same way. When I switched my mom from a PC to a Mac, my "support incidents" went from a couple a month, to a couple a year. She hasn't gotten any better with computers in that time --- the system just better handles abuse at the hands of a novice user. No need to defrag, no need to update virus definition files, no need to run spyware and ad blockers, no need for preventative maintenance, etc. The only thing I have to do with that machine is run "Software Update" once every three or four months.

Now, as for who is to blame about the problems Windows has a platform, that's a matter of debate. Microsoft deserves a lot of blame for making such a complex system, and indeed, embracing a "culture of complexity" from bottom to top. At the same time, Windows application authors deserve a lot of blame, for well, being mean-spirited assholes who like to torture their users.

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