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Gifts, Contests, Easter Eggs A few days ago we published a review of the Linux-based Neuros OSD recorder and player. Now, you can win one of these devices! All you have to do is research on the product to find out its current capabilities, and then comment below with suggestions on how to make it better and with ideas for new applications and hacks. The Neuros Technology guys will pick the best idea in 3 days time and we will provide them with the winner's email address so they can send him/her a free Neuros OSD device (that info won't be used for other purposes). If you wish to comment but not to participate in the competition, please clearly state so on your comments. Update: The winner is FunkyELF for this post. Congrats!
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features I'd like to see
by mikesum32 on Tue 6th Nov 2007 09:21 UTC
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I'd like to see more audio support. Specifically Monkey's Audio and Shorten. I've got a good amount of music encoded in Monkey's Audio (.ape). I also have a few Shorten audio files (.shn) from the Live Music Archive at

On that note, I'd like to be able to browse and watch free media, like the stuff at, or what ever is available with Miro (formerly Democracy Player) wikimedia, and creative commons.

Do the remote control button glow in the dark ? I'd like to see that feature. Also, a button that would page the remote. The remote always ends up in some strange place.

Firewire connectivity. Most cable boxes allow you to connect them to the computer and capture the video.

Alternatively, coaxial cable for analog with cablecard and QAM support. That would be nice. VGA recording and pass-through, too. Not really that concerned with this one.

It's been said before, but HD playback at 1080p.

Get the community to do the work for you. What better way to get new ideas, than have people hack your product in new ways.

Now in bullet-point style.

Lossless audio formats.

#Monkey's Audio
#other formats oddball or official formats (which few use) like optimfrog, MPEG-4 ALS, La, Apple lossless and WMA lossless

Online content
#Miro (formerly Democracy Player)
#creative commons
#google video and video search

remote control
# glow in the dark buttons
# remote pager (am i sitting on it?)
or ability to operate it without a remote at all (web interface?)

more ports or features (is that possible?)

# Firewire connectivity.
# alt. coaxial cable
#QAM support


#HD 1080p (in the future anyway)

#Community, make cool software mods for us

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