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Gifts, Contests, Easter Eggs A few days ago we published a review of the Linux-based Neuros OSD recorder and player. Now, you can win one of these devices! All you have to do is research on the product to find out its current capabilities, and then comment below with suggestions on how to make it better and with ideas for new applications and hacks. The Neuros Technology guys will pick the best idea in 3 days time and we will provide them with the winner's email address so they can send him/her a free Neuros OSD device (that info won't be used for other purposes). If you wish to comment but not to participate in the competition, please clearly state so on your comments. Update: The winner is FunkyELF for this post. Congrats!
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by searly on Tue 6th Nov 2007 10:15 UTC
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1. wifi and bluetooth
2. Remote Control using your mobile phone (bluetooth).
3. You should be able to remote control it through the internet ... for example you want to set the Neuros to record a program but you are away on business. So you should be able to "programm" and schedule the video recording via a browser interface and the internet (by integrating with a service like DynDNS).
4. It would also be nice if you could remote control it via a browser interface on your mobile phone anywhere in the world (for recording)
5. It should have the option to play and stream any of the music files on a home network (also via wifi).

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