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Hardware, Embedded Systems Intel, AMD, IBM and all other chipmakers are doomed. In any case, that's the case if you were to believe the claims made by the Atom Chip Corporation, "which maintains it will show off a 2TB diskless notebook based on a 6.8GHz 'quantum-optical' microprocessor at next January's Consumer Electronics Show." Pictures of the notebook and various parts are available. Whether these claims hold truth is of course under debate, "but Gendlin (creator) has his patent - and more pending, apparently - and so we look forward to seeing Atom Chip's kit in the flesh at CES."
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Talk about an upgrade!
by Morgul on Thu 8th Sep 2005 01:04 UTC
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Wow, man, that Ram they show there is *THE EXACT PINCOUNT* of the ram in laptop! Isn't that amazing when new technology decideds to use the same layout of the old stuff? I mean, I love how my P4 fits into the same socket of my Pentium Pro....

...Yeah, thought so. I wonder if these guys are related to the ones behind CherryOS? Atleast CherryOS was believeable (on the surface). They knew how to steal Open Source projects, and write nice VB code. These guys need to google for photoshop tutorials.

P.S. To the guys doing this, I'm do part time consulting in believeable hoazes like this. I'm good at photoshop, and I'm a former physics major, so I know enough to know wha most people won't pick up. Enough to trick investors, atleast. If ou ar interested, join #atomchip on, and we'll talk.

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