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Hardware, Embedded Systems There's absolutely no reason you should be waiting the three-plus minutes it takes your computer to boot up Windows, says Woody Hobbs, CEO of Phoenix Technologies. And indeed, if Hobbs has his way, you may not have to endure those waits much longer. Phoenix says its new technology, HyperSpace, will offer mobile PC users the ability to instantly fire up their most used apps - things like e-mail, web browsers and various media players - without using Windows, simply by pressing the F4 button.
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RE[3]: The point?
by CowMan on Tue 6th Nov 2007 16:32 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: The point?"
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...and the login screen is non-functional. With a disgustingly large amount of services shutdown, the removal of a tonne of 'Thinkvantage' applications, and a near blanking of startups from the startup menu and registry... my brand-new Thinkpad finally boots to a functional state in a decent time. As was, straight from IBM, it'd probably be dead on the 3 minute figure.

Whereas, from Grub -> Fluxbox, total time is under a minute.

Those goofy applications will not load until you're logged in. Undoubtibly, they will take their time doing so. Most annoyingly, almost all Windows applications (and the desktop itself) feel they must steal focus while loading: making the start menu near useless, too.

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