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Games Nintendo has reportedly decided to stop all repairs of the original Nintendo after 24 years of support, Agence France Presse reported on Friday. A spokesperson said that the company has decided to end support due to increasingly short supplies of replacement parts. The iconic game system was sold as the Nintendo Entertainment System in the US and Europe, and as the Famicom in Japan. Nintendo's Ken Toyoda said that while the company is sad to turn its back on the NES, the company wanted its legions of loyal fans to focus on the Wii, currently the best selling next-generation console worldwide.
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RE: DMCA Gay-Culture
by Ravyne on Wed 7th Nov 2007 02:47 UTC in reply to "DMCA Gay-Culture"
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Why pay a fortune for some alluminium discs when you can download them and burn them and thereby save some cash?

Because hundreds of people spent roughly 2 years producing a non-essential product for the enjoyment of others, yourself included, and they should be compensated for their efforts.

When you pirate a game, movie or album its always the the people at the far end that get hurt the most. The publishing models in these industries basically put the studio on the line, the publisher withholds royalties until the production advancement is repaid, and only then do the studios see any profit. Out of that, the studio takes its operating capital, pays its stock-holders, etc. and finally, if they're lucky, the talented folks who actually toiled away or provided their artistic skills might get a raise or a bonus or maybe some much-needed vacation time. Keep in mind that most of those folks are already earning less than what their skill-set would get them in other industries, but they keep at it because they love producing games for people to enjoy.

There are plenty of bones to pick with the publishing model itself, but think of that the next time you justify your actions believing that you are only stealing from a big, faceless corporate publisher.

Just because you can quote Marx in your Che Guevara T-shirt doesn't make you intelligent. In fact, the undeserving sense of self-entitlement you've displayed is in large part (but by no means the only reason) why socialism fails.

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