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Multimedia, AV At OSNews we are committed on being geeky. However, "being a geek" does not always constitute a person who just loves technology. There are geeks about literature (who do you think wrote "Shrek"?), and of course, art geeks. This last kind enjoys a new booming lately with the commoditization of HD camcorders. The following editorial includes suggestions on camera choices, video editors and delivery formats, and has HD video samples of hobbyist cameramen that many professionals could be jealous of.
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Is art about the artist???
by dacloo on Wed 7th Nov 2007 09:14 UTC
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To me, art doesn't say anything about the creator ("artist") but how the receiver (you!) interpretes it.

So if the mass happens to have the same opinion on e.g a video, we all might decide to call it "art" instead of a "video", but in the end art is about you and not the artist.

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