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OSNews, Generic OSes EyeOS 1.2, a web-based operating system, has been released. "We are proud to announce that eyeOS 1.2 has just been released! It's not just a necessary update on eyeOS 1.x, but also a bunch of new features and applications needed by eyeOS to be really useful for the every day use. Need to send a mail? Well, just open eyeMail. Did your friend send a Microsoft Word file? No problem, eyeOS will open it and allow you to modify it. Want to have multiple groups for family and friends to share information between them? eyeControl 1.2 will let you do that and much more, visually."
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Morphic in Javascript
by Treza on Wed 7th Nov 2007 09:59 UTC
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There is a project at Sun for porting the Self/Squeak morphic GUI to Javascript and browser (it mostly works with FireFox ) :

It shows some kind of Smalltalk OS inside a browser.

It is currently insanely slow but one can hope some enhancements with the future ECMAScript 4 which is more JIT-compilation friendly.

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