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Opera Software Opera Mini 4 has been released. "Opera, today released Opera Mini 4, the newest version of Opera's worldwide mobile browsing sensation. Opera Mini 4 inspires the senses with its stunning desktop overview mode, so users see the page exactly as it appears on their computers. People can then use the intuitive Opera Zoom to fly into the page and access the content you want. Or they can select Opera's Small Screen Rendering to eliminate horizontal scrolling."
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On a PDA
by meianoite on Wed 7th Nov 2007 17:48 UTC
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When using a stylus-based PDA, it's remarkable how Opera Mini 4 behaves like MobileSafari. Except for the multitouch gesture; the tap-to-zoom is there, the scroll-by-sliding-a-finger is there, and, of course, it renders pages like a proper browser.

I still think it misses some grown-up stuff like the Quick Dial interface and tabs, but downloading Opera Mini 4 is a *must* for me, given the (now anemic) S60 browser on my E70...

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