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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu Ars has a review of Ubuntu 7.10. They conclude: "Ubuntu 7.10 provides an unparalleled desktop Linux experience and sets new standards for power and ease of use. This release lives up to Ubuntu's reputation and delivers cutting-edge new features and solid enhancements. Although Ubuntu 7.10 is very impressive, some of the new additions - particularly Compiz and Tracker - lack the polish and robustness that they need to truly shine. These technologies are still a work in progress and give Ubuntu 7.10 a slightly unfinished feel. Ubuntu also unfortunately inherits some of the minor weaknesses of the GNOME desktop environment."
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Some highlights from my point of view:

1. debpartial is broken in 7.10, fortunately fix is available. (I cannot live without offline repos on DVDs because I have to maintain three Ubuntu boxes width no Internet access at all)

2. Add/remove programs very unstable when working width such DVDs - 6.06 ran smoothly in that way - it was somehow broken in 6.10 AFAIR and still remains broken. Synaptic works a little better in that "offline" mode but crashes also occur.

It is not caused by faulty DVDs - they work and all packages can be installed from them, but sometimes it requires a lot of patience! Also I noted during "battling" width that issue which "surfaced" on 6.10 that such off line DVDs should not be made in "one stream" i.e. on five disks, but (as of 7.10) on two disks for Main, one disk for Multiverse and Restricted and two DVD's and one CD for Universe respectively. When Main and other components are mixed on each disk it tends to be almost unusable and much more disk-swapping is needed

3. Stupid bug in live CDs/DVDs which activates screensaver simultaneously when graphics environment starts - it confused me because it looks exactly like issue width monitor modes being identified wrong.

4. I do not, repeat - DO NOT - care for vistaish eyecandy. If I want system that looks like Vista I would buy Vista. Drag and drop support in GNOME menus similar to Win would be much more welcome by me and much more useful. But I think it is rather general GNOME fault, not Ubuntu's

5. That new "Screen And Graphics" applet announced width so much fanfare is still in unusable pre-alpha stage.

6. Monitor and graphics card detection is degrading width each new version (since I am using Ubuntu - from 6.06.1 to be exact) - I have two systems in my house: One width Nvidia 6200 and Hitachi CM621F CRT and the second one equipped width Nvidia 5200 and quite old Phillips 150-something LCD panel. On BOTH OF THEM one way to start Ubuntu as live-CD is to select "VGA safe mode". More interestingly - Kubuntu LiveCD boots without such problems on both those configurations.

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