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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu Ars has a review of Ubuntu 7.10. They conclude: "Ubuntu 7.10 provides an unparalleled desktop Linux experience and sets new standards for power and ease of use. This release lives up to Ubuntu's reputation and delivers cutting-edge new features and solid enhancements. Although Ubuntu 7.10 is very impressive, some of the new additions - particularly Compiz and Tracker - lack the polish and robustness that they need to truly shine. These technologies are still a work in progress and give Ubuntu 7.10 a slightly unfinished feel. Ubuntu also unfortunately inherits some of the minor weaknesses of the GNOME desktop environment."
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RE: Community vs. Userbase
by Lengsel on Thu 8th Nov 2007 07:33 UTC in reply to "Community vs. Userbase"
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I fully agree. I see a lot that do-not-bash-Ubuntu mentality all over the place, but I think that stems from people's complete lack of technical skills. I mean for Ubuntu to have a graphical front so people don't have to type "apt-cache search whatever" and and "apt-get install whatever" seems redundant. But I am also sensing a growing disray of users who can actually step back and look at technical merits, who is being innovation, and who is putting up up money. Nobody can deny Novel's GNOME slab menu and Control Centre, and their desktop research videos. Instead of Novell designing graphical fronts for everything, they're redesigning things for Joe User to understand with extremely little explanation, and not have to learn a whole different menu system.

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