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Hardware, Embedded Systems Intel, AMD, IBM and all other chipmakers are doomed. In any case, that's the case if you were to believe the claims made by the Atom Chip Corporation, "which maintains it will show off a 2TB diskless notebook based on a 6.8GHz 'quantum-optical' microprocessor at next January's Consumer Electronics Show." Pictures of the notebook and various parts are available. Whether these claims hold truth is of course under debate, "but Gendlin (creator) has his patent - and more pending, apparently - and so we look forward to seeing Atom Chip's kit in the flesh at CES."
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Photoshop Flubs
by Morgul on Thu 8th Sep 2005 05:28 UTC
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This is a good example of what not to do with Photoshop. Seriously, looking at it, I realized that while they get n A for effort, they get a C in Photoshop. View the this [1] in a webbrowser, on a laptop with a decent LCD. Tilt it back anf forth, looking at the processor speed, and ram. Do you see it? Yup, a characteristic box where someone deleted the existing specs, and replaced it with a *closely* matching color. I believe they then opened the picture in paint, and saved it as a jpg, so as to get the low quality look. Pretty simple, and it fools anyone who doesn't know what to look for. However, if they'd been smart, they would have used the clone tool, so it alteast semi-matched the background. Doing that, and a little smudging, and they would have had a *much* more believeable pic. Sorry, I consider myself a Photoshop snob. *Shrugs* I wish hoax website creators would take a few night classes in photo manipulation, or something. *sigh*


P.S. If I get bored tommarrow, I'll post a link to a picture that I photoshop claiming a speed of 3.14THz, and -1^(1/2)ExoBytes of HD space. Or Maybe, I'll do a '42' theme. I dunno.


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