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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu Ars has a review of Ubuntu 7.10. They conclude: "Ubuntu 7.10 provides an unparalleled desktop Linux experience and sets new standards for power and ease of use. This release lives up to Ubuntu's reputation and delivers cutting-edge new features and solid enhancements. Although Ubuntu 7.10 is very impressive, some of the new additions - particularly Compiz and Tracker - lack the polish and robustness that they need to truly shine. These technologies are still a work in progress and give Ubuntu 7.10 a slightly unfinished feel. Ubuntu also unfortunately inherits some of the minor weaknesses of the GNOME desktop environment."
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RE[6]: Enough!
by bm3719 on Thu 8th Nov 2007 15:49 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: Enough!"
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I think that's what's doing a lot of damage to Linux in general, is all these people that want a zero-cost OS

I concur with this comment. In fact, this kind of mentality is what's driving alot of the application development we see on Linux these days - applications that go against the generally accepted "UNIX philosoph(y|ies)" that have been in place since the creation of UNIX. I could make a huge list, but the major offenders are things like GUI-only applications, bloated do-everything apps, and captive user interfaces. This is precisely the crap most of us *nix-users hate about Windows, OSX, and others. It just seems to me (and a lot of other people that have been following this for a long time) that application development (and subsequently, distros) on Linux are just trying to replicate the MS, Apple, Adobe, and other major software paradigms out there. Not only are they following (or often poorly imitating) instead of leading in this type of software, but cumulatively, they've resulted in these end user experiences that are functionally no different than using Vista or OSX.

If I really wanted to change my system and application settings by navigating huge, unmapped trees of dialog boxes, or waste all my clock cycles animating menus and rendering drop shadows, then I would just stick with Windows.

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