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Mac OS X Apple has seeded the first build of Leopard 10.5.1. "Apple details a number of issues addressed in the seed. Specifically, there have been fixes to Mail Sync, Spotlight Index, Disk Management, DesktopServices and moving files across partitions, Text Drawing, iCal and CalDAV syncing, Keychain login, Read-Only Issue with SMB, AirPort 802.1X, Application Firewall, To-Do Notes, and Smart Mailboxes. This list of issues, however, is never exhaustive, so other bugs may have also been addressed in this seed."
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RE[5]: So, 10.5 was a flop?
by rayiner on Thu 8th Nov 2007 18:11 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: So, 10.5 was a flop?"
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The "rant" makes more sense if you consider what Jobs cares about: complexity, not cost. Keeping OS X up-to-date may very well have a higher cost in terms of $/feature than Windows, over the period of the last 5 years. But there is no denying that the licensing scheme is simple. On October 28, I went into the Apple Store, grabbed the box with the big "X" on it, and one of the clerks checked me out right on the spot. Buying Vista isn't so simple. Indeed, without actually looking it up on the internets, I wouldn't even know which version to buy.

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