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Microsoft As part of its three-pronged quest for worldwide Internet domination - via MSN, Live Search, and Windows Live - Microsoft has unleashed a bundled download of its installed desktop Live software: Mail, Photo Gallery, Writer, and OneCare Family Safety. Also included is a slightly redesigned version 8.5 of Messenger, which intimately ties in with the rest of the suite; for example, starting up when you run Mail.
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Really? I thought the absolute opposite. I've had a hotmail account since they first started, long before microsoft bought them, and I have been dragged through every one of microsofts forced "upgrades". They always seem to make the email come up slower and respond worse. The only reason I keep the address is because its free and I've had the thing for nearly 10 years now. I will say that the spam filters have gotten better, but the automatic mail sorting is a joke.

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