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In the News One year after sealing their surprise alliance, Novell and Microsoft have announced an expansion of their technical collaboration to 'link together the existing Windows and Linux frameworks'. The firms will extend their existing collaboration to focus on virtualisation, standards-based management, directory and identity federation and document format compatibility. As part of this process, Microsoft said that both companies are 'now working closely' at the Microsoft and Novell Interoperability Lab in Massachusetts.
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RE[2]: Good for Novell!
by sbergman27 on Thu 8th Nov 2007 20:28 UTC in reply to "RE: Good for Novell!"
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I don't think it's just about 16 y.o. fanboys. There ought to be a philosophy behind Linux and many believe Novell has betrayed it.


I would agree with this. More specifically, as a long time Linux advocate who *does* have concerns about the deal for reasons which could be considered partly practical, and partly philosophical, I'm more than happy to stand up and be counted. On the other hand, the fanboys, whose fervor sometimes borders on religious[1], *are* an unfortunate reality. So I'm glad you said that it is not *just* about them.

[1] Please, no pedantic hair splitting with links to dictionary definitions. The meaning of the word "religious" in this context should be quite clear to anyone not interested in engaging in that kind of double-talk.

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